1. newvisual:


    was designed by the people at Big Human.
    They’re also responsible for the new Time site and the new Fortune site.

  2. newvisual:

    "Everyone has a right to be WILD.
    And that is why we have founded this agency.”

    I love their cases studies.

  4. lovelyui:

    progress on Duolingo


  5. wordsby1910:

    In our on-going pursuit of trying to improve readability and usability of digital products and services, one thing that’s always struck us as odd is the way typography of email applications has been left untouched since the early days of the internet. Even modern applications released in the…

  7. uxrave:

    A list of places to find the best free stock photos”. Perfect for freelance projects and use in presentations.

    More resources in this list: Where the best designers go to find photos and graphics

  8. littlebigdetails:

    Mavericks - shows apps using significant energy in the menu bar.

  9. littlebigdetails:

    Medium - small and large quotes are visually represented with a single colored symbol and both colored symbols of the quotation mark. 

    /via Marina Janeiko